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Do you have a poster to present? WVSHP will host a Research Poster Session at the Annual Spring Meeting - this is a great opportunity to share innovative ideas with others and learn about trends in Health-System Pharmacy! Mark your calendars and make arrangements to attend the WVSHP Annual Spring Meeting! This event will feature both knowledge and application-based sessions, designed for pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, residents, and students. Pharmacist participants will have an opportunity to attend sessions on an array of contemporary pharmacy topics!

The Road to Residency: Preparation Series

The WVSHP New Practitioner's Committee is pleased to offer the recorded versions of its new Residency Preparation Series. Click below to watch sessions that have already taken place, and plan to attend sessions that will occur between now and February 2015.

Hydrocodone Going to CII

News that the Federal government is tightening restrictions on hydrocodone combination painkillers in an effort to curb widespread abuse received wide coverage, with several major newspapers and news agencies reporting. Some news outlets noted that the rule change was welcomed by many, including lawmakers from states that have been plagued by opioid abuse. Others quoted sources who were skeptical whether the rule change would help curb abuse of the painkillers.

NEW "Insourcing" Sterile I.V. Compounding Services

Preparation of sterile parenteral products is a critical component of health-system pharmacy practice. The ASHP Resource Center provides tools that can be used to assist in the decision-making process and the implementation phase of insourcing sterile i.v. compounds. Start today by downloading the How-to Guide to facilitate evaluating, developing, and implementing best practices for insourcing.